Pest Facts

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Insect Facts

They lay eggs in the soil, which can lead to plant damage. Tilling the soil will destroy some of the eggs, but CORRY’S® Insect Killer can help finish the job.

These familiar bugs can “skeletonize” leaves, eating away all the green except for the veins.

Their pinchers may look scary, but they don’t hurt humans at all. What is scary is how much damage they can do to plants and gardens when feeding.

Although they can help overturn soil, they also feed on seedlings or young fruit when given the chance.

A colony can contain up to 200,000 ants!

These moth larvae rely on weeds and compost to lay eggs. Keeping such “fertilizer” to a minimum will help prevent this pest from making your property their home.

And don’t forget- all the above pests and more can be controlled with the use of Deadline® Bug Bait products.

Moss B Ware


Eliminate moss before it damages your roof or walkway.

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Corry's Moss-B-Ware

CORRY'S Slug & Snail

Copper Tape Barrier

Tell slugs and snails they're messing with the wrong flower box.

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Corry's Slug and Snail Copper Tape Barrier

CORRY'S Slug & Snail Killer

Ready-To-Use Pellets

Draw them away from your garden once and for all.

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Corry's Slug and Snail Killer

Deadline Bug Bait

Ready-To-Use Formula

Get to over 10 pests before they get to your garden.

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Deadline Force II™ Slug & Snail Killer

Ready-To-Use Liquid Bait

One last meal for slugs and snails.

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Corry's Deadline Force II Slug and Snail Killer